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The Next Generation Incubator

Partillion Bioscience is an early stage life science company aiming to democratize advanced single-cell assays with its award-winning nanovial platform. Our novel platform allows the rapid compartmentalization and analysis of millions of single cells to probe biological function such as secreted proteins. The validated technology underpinning Partillion’s products has been featured in notable journals such as Science Advances, Advanced Functional Materials, and Lab on Chip and received industry accolades, winning the 2020 SLAS Innovation Award.

As an early stage biotech startup, we are seeking an interdisciplinary-minded individual who has a strong attention to detail and enjoys hands-on experimentation. This individual will lead development of emerging cell secretion assays on our nanovial platform. A competitive salary and equity compensation package commensurate with experience is offered.

Job opportunity: Assay Development Scientist

Post date: January 15, 2021


  • Develop and validate novel single cell secretion assays using the nanovial platform
    • Workflow development using FACS, functional cell screening and sequencing
  • Interface with customers and partners and assist with assay troubleshooting
  • Analyze, interpret, and present findings to the team, partners, and at external conferences
  • Create protocols, white papers, presentations, manuscripts and materials for grant submissions

Minimum technical qualifications:

  • D. or M.S. + 3 years of industry experience in Immunology, Molecular & Cell Biology, Bioengineering or a related field
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture, plasmid design, recombinant protein production
  • Ability to design and conduct screening assays
  • Expert in flow cytometry and biochemical assays such as ELISA

Preferred technical qualifications:

  • Antibody engineering and stable cell line development
  • B-cell immunology, T-cell immunology, and repertoire sequencing
  • Experience with bioconjugation techniques

Personal qualifications:

  • Capable communicator, particularly in data reporting, experimental design, and project presentations
  • Strong problem solver and innovator with leadership potential
  • Ability to learn quickly and work with minimal supervision

Successful candidates are curious self‐starters with a desire to work in a fast‐paced biotech environment and are great team‐players. Partillion embraces diversity and believes that diverse teams create the most innovative technologies and products that can impact humanity most broadly.
Please send resumes and cover letters to and reference Assay Development Scientist job listing.

Location: UCLA Campus, Los Angeles, CA