Magnify Internship Program

For Companies

The Magnify Internship Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students with upperclassman standing interested in gaining hands-on experience working with a scientific start-up company. Student applicants selected for the program will be matched with a current Magnify portfolio start-up company for a 6-9 month internship experience during the academic school year (October 2024-May 2025).

Magnify Interns will receive a monthly stipend disbursed by the UCLA Financial Aid Office for their work hours through funding provided by the State of California to the California Institutes of Science and Innovation (Cal ISI’s) dedicated to workforce training and development. Internships are 10, 12 or 15 hours per week and stipends roughly equate to $20/hr.

In addition to their work hours with a Magnify Company, Magnify Interns will also be required to attend at least two events per quarter. These events are designed by the Magnify and CNSI Education Teams to encourage networking and promote professional development. Magnify Interns will also have monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions with their company mentor, and quarterly check-ins with the Magnify/CNSI Education Teams.

Magnify companies selected to host a Magnify Intern must meet the following criteria:

  • The company must be currently incubating at the Magnify Incubator during their participation
  • The company must be able to participate for the duration of the program (Oct-May)
  • The company must have an active Certificate of Insurance on file with Magnify
  • The company must observe UCLA Policy 906 to ensure Undergraduate Research Safety
  • The company must assign work duties that are not directly involved or collaborative in nature with IP creation
  • The CEO of the company (or an approved team member) must participate in monthly 1-1 mentorship meetings with the intern
  • The mentor and/or supervisor must work with the intern to create a final project encompassing their work during the internship to be shared internally

Current Magnify portfolio companies will be eligible to apply to the Magnify Internship Program from March 21 – 29, 2024.

Apply here.