Magnify Company Orientation Guide

(Contact EH&S at 310-825-5689 to report improper disposal)

Packaging of Biohazard Bags

  • All biohazard waste must be in a red biohazard bag that is at least l.5 mil thick. Double bag as needed for especially heavy loads.
  • Bags must be tied in a square-knot or a goose-neck tie (twist, bend, and secure with tape).
  • Biohazard Waste must be inside a dedicated waste container that is rigid, leak-resistant, and has a tight- fitting lid AT ALL TIMES. Never overfill these waste containers.

packaging of biohazard bags

Chemotherapy Waste and Pathology Waste Containers

  • Yellow containers marked “CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC WASTE” are only for waste that has been contaminated or come into contact with chemotherapeutic agents.
  • Pathology containers marked with “PATHOLOGY WASTE” labels are for medical waste for incineration only. These are about 20-gallon size tubs (½ the size of the Biohazard containers).

chemotherapy waste and pathology waste containers

Sharps Containers

  • A sharps container is rigid, puncture-resistant and cannot be reopened without great difficulty.
  • Sharps containers are kept upright and never overfilled.
  • Serological pipettes are considered sharps. Do not dispose in biohazard bags as they can penetrate the bags.
  • Tightly close and tape shuts sharps container before they are full (monitor the recommended fill line).
  • Only CLOSED sharps containers are brought to the accumulation waste area for pick-up.

Sharps containers