Magnify Company Orientation Guide

Building Management

CNSI Building Hours of Operation

Regular CNSI Business Hours are from Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. The campus is closed on all University holidays. Entry outside of CNSI Business Hours requires a security access card. Laboratories and Office areas are operational and accessible with a security card 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Security Access Card

Each Tenant employee will need to submit a request form along with a photograph. Incomplete forms may be returned to the requestor for additional information and may cause delays in processing. Companies are responsible for reporting employee separation and requesting access card deactivation.

Security Access Card forms may be downloaded from CNSI-Card-Application and submitted to

Magnify Equipment List

The list of equipment available for shared and/or dedicated use for Magnify companies is available here.

Equipment Movement and Building Modifications

Any modifications to the Premises, or movement of equipment or furniture, must be requested to and approved by the Magnify Management Team and Building Manager.

New equipment may have special requirements that necessitate building modifications through UCLA Facilities. Please contact the Magnify Management Team prior to purchasing equipment in order to ascertain if suitable modifications can be made to the Premises. If approved, the Tenant may be responsible for all costs associated with said modifications.

Care and Use of Space

CONDITION. Tenant will respect his or her environment and all furnishings/provisions within. As such, Tenant agrees to maintain the space in a clean, orderly, undamaged, and sanitary condition at all times for the duration of their tenancy.

NOTICE. When leaving the CNSI property at the expiration of the Facilities Use Agreement (FUA), Tenant shall give appropriate notice to the CNSI of check-out and turn in cards and/or key(s) to the Magnify Management Team on or before the time of check-out.

REMOVAL OF ITEMS. Tenant agrees to leave his/her space clean and properly sufficient for the next occupant, by the time of FUA expiration. ALL Tenants’ items must be removed from desks, drawers, closets and other assigned and/or common spaces. ALL Tenant’s stored materials and supplies (including those that may be frozen or refrigerated) and other items must be removed from the assigned and common use space.

INSPECTION AND CLEANING CHARGE. If upon inspection by the CNSI at or about the time of check-out, it is determined that the vacated space is not cleaned and properly sufficient for the next occupant, Tenant agrees to pay the CNSI a two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) cleaning/decommissioning service charge. Tenant agrees to pay the CNSI all expenses related to hazardous waste disposal as determined by UCLA EH&S.

LEFT ITEMS. The CNSI will not be held liable for ANY belongings left on the property once the FUA expires. If given due notice of left items, the CNSI will make a reasonable effort to retrieve items on Tenant’s behalf for pick-up. The CNSI or its agents will not be responsible for mailing these items to Tenant.