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Magnify Company Orientation Guide

Information Technology

Technical Support

The CNSI IT Support Team will provide the following basic services to companies:

  1. Network port activation and configuration
  2. Virus and malware remediation guidance
  3. Setup of Office Space (Suite 5324) group printer for Office Space occupants

If you require additional assistance, please contact the CNSI IT Support team at for more information.

UCLA Network Acceptable Use Policy

Users of the UCLA Information Technology network and services must follow the rules and guidelines stated in IT Services/Bruin OnLine Acceptable Use Policy.

Devices Connecting to UCLA Network
All network enabled devices must meet minimum security standards as defined by UCLA Policy 401: Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in their restriction from the UCLA network. This applies to all devices connecting to the wired and wireless networks.

There are several free antivirus software options available for your network enabled devices. Below are just few of those options. This is not a recommendation of any particular product. Please read reviews for any product carefully and select the one that suits your particular use case:

Sophos –


Tenant employees who do not have a University ID number are eligible to obtain a UCLA Logon ID for the sole purposes of authentication to UCLA web-based applications (e.g. UCLA WorkSafe Safety Training). The UCLA Logon ID is not eligible for campus services such as email or secure wireless network access. To obtain a UCLA Logon ID, visit and register as a university affiliate.

Note: Logon IDs must be 12 characters or less to avoid a system error.

Network and Connectivity

Wired Networking

Network ports are generally available at lab benches, workstations and in offices. The network port can be identified by their blue or black colored jacks. IP phone jacks are designated by a yellow colored jack. A dynamically assigned IP address (DHCP) will be provided to the device that is connected. Static IP addresses are available for certain circumstances. If special networking protocols are required for your equipment, please submit a ticket to

Wireless/Wi-Fi Access

Wireless access is available throughout the CNSI building and around the UCLA campus. UCLA_WEB is the public access wireless network which does not require any credentials in order to connect. This network is restricted to applications communicating through HTTP (Web) and HTTPS (Secure Web) protocols, but also allows for the use of VPN (Virtual Private Networking). Some internet connected applications may not function properly when using the UCLA_WEB wireless network. An external VPN service is required to use those applications which may include e-mail Tenants, instant messaging programs, Cloud-based services, etc.

Proxy Server and VPN Service

UCLA only provides Proxy Server and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services to eligible students, faculty and staff with a valid UCLA Logon ID. For more information on these services, please visit

Computer Hardware and Software

Academic discounts on computer hardware and peripherals are available for several vendors such as Apple, CDWG, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. CNSI does not provide any licensed software to companies. Academic discounts on software are available for a number of software packages when purchased using a UCLA FAU. Contact IT Support at for assistance with obtaining quotes.