The Next Generation Incubator

Aneuvo, formerly Niche Biomedical, aims to revolutionize medical science by using bioelectronic medicine for the treatment of diseases and injuries incurable pharmaceutically.


Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging field that aims to use miniaturized implantable devices to modulate the nervous system/biological tissues through electrical stimulation for the treatment of diseases and injuries. The global electroceuticals/bioelectric medicine market is expected to increase from $17 billion in 2016 to $25 billion by 2021.


Aneuvo is focusing on treating several diseases and injuries through neuromodulation. Aneuvo is capable of developing miniaturized implantable device, while retaining sophisticated functionality with various electrode shape and number. This is achieved by leveraging their expertise in physiology, neuroengineering and neural interface, prosthetic device, microelectronics, electrode, and packaging technology


  • Advanced bioelectronics/microelectronics design providing sophisticated functionalities
  • >20x smaller form factor than existing commercial implants
  • Platform technology supports various biomedical applications
  • Supports invasive and non-invasive approaches

Development Stage:

  • Prototype and Pre-clinical testing


Graduated in 2018