Appia Bio is a biotechnology startup dedicated to discovering and developing scalable allogeneic cell therapies to increase access to cancer treatment.


Cell therapy has brought dramatic improvements in efficacy and durable remission rates in certain hematological cancers, but it has reached a limited number of patients. In the autologous form, cell therapy’s individualized therapeutic approach is logistically complex, takes time to produce, and is associated with extremely high costs. Through breakthrough engineering technologies, Appia Bio aims to make cell therapy readily available for patients by generating allogeneic and off-the-shelf products.


Their novel platform’s programmability allows Appia Bio to generate a broad array of NKT and T-cell types from hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) reaching a broad range of patients. This unique approach tailors nuanced stem cell development, giving rise to universal cancer-fighting cell therapies.


  • Allogeneic, off-the-shelf for broader access for patients
  • Programmable-determination of cell lineage
  • Scalable manufacturing

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical

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Graduated in 2021

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