Avesta76 is focused on a target that has the potential to treat every type of tumor.


Avesta76's therapies will address the need for safe and effective treatments across multiple cancers. This is a market with 17 million annual diagnoses, 10 million deaths, and over $150B spent on drugs per year. The company's initial focus is on ovarian cancer, a $5.9B market growing by 7% annually with over 21,000 new cases and 13,000 deaths in the U.S. each year.


Avesta76’s drug target has been thoroughly validated through preclinical research in cells and animal models, and has the potential to act as a cancer “masterswitch.” By inhibiting the target, the company’s therapies disrupt the normal function of a biochemical pathway that cancer needs in order to grow, safely spurring remission and preventing the formation of new tumors in peer-reviewed studies. Both small-molecule drugs and monoclonal antibodies are under development.


  • Unique drug target
  • Fundamentally disrupts necessary cancer pathways
  • Effective across all cancer types
  • No observed adverse effects
  • Multiple drug candidates

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical

Patents Issued:

  • Coming Soon

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