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The Next Generation Incubator

Bluefin Foods Inc. is creating a better solution to supply the world with meat food products.


Exponential population growth combined with the continued rise of demand for meat products requires us to achieve a more sustainable and scalable food production method. If everyone were to have the same meat diet as the average American, current resources would only be able to feed 2.5 billion people, a quarter of expected population by 2050. In the next few years, the cell-cultured meat industry is expected to represent 10% of the total global meat market, valued at $140B.


Bluefin Foods is embracing novel technologies and scientific development to achieve a new and efficient production of cell-cultured meat around their four R&D verticals: cell-line, growth media, custom bioreactors, and scaffolding. Bluefin's objective is to develop a cost-effect and high=quality process of producing cell-cultured seafood to be. aviable alternative to the traditional supply chain.


  • Novel approach specific to cell-cultured meat
  • No pollutants, microplastics, contaminants or disease carriers
  • Does not require overfishing of depleted fish stock
  • Flexible production and logistics scaled with demand

Development Stage:

  • Prototype

Patents Issued:

  • Coming Soon

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