Carbonics aims to disrupt and revolutionize traditional electronics and semiconductors by employing carbon plus CMOS towards a single wireless chip.


The rapidly expanding wireless, communications, defense and aerospace markets have significantly increased wireless traffic and created a need for next-generation radio frequency (RF) semiconductor solutions. Presently, single RF chips are not available in the market and there is a lack of wideband and linear 5G solutions. Carbonics intends to shake up the $20 billion compound semiconductor market that includes applications in WiGig (5G), IoT, Radars and Low Power Comms.


Carbonics is focused on developing and commercializing a carbon-on-wafer single chip solution that vastly improves the power consumption and performance of wireless products – including next generation smartphone and communication devices. By utilizing new physics and designs, Carbonics is able to ultra-align carbon nanotubes to achieve superior speed, razor linearity and low power while significantly reducing component costs.


  • 30x more linear than GaAs
  • 1000x better in power than GaAs
  • 10x better than Si on OIP3
  • 100% CMOS compatible

Development Stage:

  • Marketing


  • High Performance Field Effect Transistors; 8,692,230 on 04/08/2014
  • Radio Frequency devices based on Carbon Materials; 8,860,137 on 10/14/2014
  • Synthesis of Graphene Chemical Vapor Deposition; 9,388,048 on 06/28/2016
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  • Dose controlled, FESA of aligned CNT for use in high performance field effect transistors; Granted P140200US01

Select Publications:

Graduated in 2021

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