Charlot Biosciences (CBio), is using innovative physics to study life to commercialize first-in-kind live cell sequencing.


Single cell analysis tools are expensive and still not sufficient to identify the important differences between cells without permanently altering them. Research labs spend more than $100k/year in recurring costs to study single cells and validate performance of techniques like gene editing. Existing solutions use destructive analysis to identify differences in cells and use a genetic or proteomic signature to verify desired outcome. This approach doesn't enable an easy way to assess side effects.


Charlot Biosciences has pioneered an economical and multi-functional analytical platform for researchers. The propriety technology enables researchers to study important differences between living cells only identifiable with destructive proteomics or genetic sequencing. They use electric fields and microfluidics to characterize biophysical properties of cells. Unlike other biophysical analysis techniques that look at deformability and other mechanical properties, CBio's method is able to identify external surface features as well as internal structure and content. Our approach is labelfree and doesn’t alter or harm the cells.


  • Reduces the need to perform genetic analysis
  • Eliminates inefficiency commonly associated with single cell analysis
  • Identifies subcellular differences found within intact cells

Development Stage:

  • Prototype


  • Multi-Planar Microelectrode Array Device and Methods of Making and Using Same; US 9,873,129 B1 on 01/29/2018
  • Hyper Efficient Separation Devices; WO 2018/031722
  • Methods, systems and apparatus for size-based particle separation; 9,192,944 on 11/25/2015

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Graduated in 2018

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