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The Next Generation Incubator

Innovative Physics to Study Life. Commercializing First in Kind Live Cell Sequencing.

Charlot Biosciences, Inc. is creating an economical, multi-functional platform to help researchers accelerate the discovery of biomarkers to identify the presence of early-stage disease. Their BioDiscovery™ platform streamlines filtration, refinement, and quantification of biomarkers found in physiological samples. The process, Intrepid Microfluidics™, identifies biomarkers based on their inherent biophysical properties. This tunable and non-destructive approach enables identification of biomarkers with high fidelity and also enables reuse of the sample. Charlot’s technology platform provides helpful solutions for CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing, study of the microbiome, stem cell research, and much more.

Graduated in 2018
Location: Wayfinder Incubator in Irvine, CA

Phone: 858-255-1238