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CO₂Concrete economically reduces global carbon emissions by converting CO₂ from hard-to-decarbonize industries into low-carbon CO₂Concrete™ products.


CO₂Concrete offers heavy industry (e.g., power plants and cement kilns) a revenue-positive pathway to reduce their CO₂ emissions, while providing concrete producers the ability to manufacture unique low-carbon CO₂Concrete™ products. The impact of the technology is conditioned by the global concrete market (TAM: over 20 billion tons produced and $920 billion revenue). The initial segment of prefabricated concrete products that CO₂Concrete aims to target comprises $9 billion within the USA.


CO₂Concrete’s pioneering technology cost-effectively manufactures ready-to-use concrete components (e.g., blocks, beams, and slabs) that feature an embodied carbon intensity (eCI) up to 75% lower than their traditional concrete counterparts. The technology’s major breakthrough lies in the ability to directly use flue gases while operating at near-ambient pressure and temperatures. This breakthrough enables unprecedented cost savings and CO₂ uptake efficiency compared to comparable technologies.


  • Produces industry compliant concrete products
  • Smaller CO₂ footprint than conventional concrete
  • Permanently converts CO₂ into a solid
  • Easily integrates into emissions sources
  • Lowest cost of CO₂ mineralization technologies

Development Stage:

  • Field Demonstration

Patents Issued:

  • Enhanced carbonation and carbon sequestration in cementitious binders; WO2016061251A1 (2014-10-15)
  • Efficient integration of manufacturing of upcycled concrete product into power plants; US20190177220A1 (2016-10-26)
  • Upcycled CO₂-negative concrete product for use in construction; WO2018081308A1 (2016-10-26)

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