Craytex combines carbon nanotube structures with an ultra-high toughness resin, to produce a lightweight, high strength composite capable of surpassing carbon fiber performance.


The market for the carbon nanotube composite is the same for the carbon fiber market. The key aspect is that it will follow the market adoption path that carbon fiber already went through. Therefore, it will initially find market traction in those high value niche areas that rely on extracting the peak performance of the material, and are willing to compensate accordingly. These niche areas fall within the satellite, aerospace and defense industries.


There is a critical need within the aerospace and defense industry for extremely strong, lighter weight materials. These new materials can impact the industry through cost reductions and performance improvements. A carbon nanotube composite has the potential to be as much as 30% lighter than standard carbon fiber. The carbon nanotube composite also benefits from increased toughness which is necessary to withstand launch-loads, vibrations and continued mission operation in the face of damage.


  • 30% lighter
  • Improved toughness
  • Comparable strength

Development Stage:

  • Manufacturing


  • Enhanced strength carbon nanotube yarns and sheets using infused and bonded nano-resins; 8,470,946 on 6/25/2013


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