Dalton Bioanalytics’ Omni-MS platform analyzes nearly all major classes of bio-relevant molecules at a fraction of traditional multiomic costs.


Traditional multiomic analysis, the integrated analysis of proteins, lipids, electrolytes, small molecules, and so on, is costly and time-consuming. Specialized multiomic laboratories typically receive multiple samples, and their multiple bioinformatic analysis approach often risks data distortion. Dalton Bioanalytics has developed a mass spectrometry-based technology capable of profiling nearly all types of biologically important molecules using a single assay, dramatically reducing the cost of multiomics.


Utilizing tried-and-true liquid chromatography coupled mass spectrometry (LC-MS), Dalton Bioanalytics analyzes protein, lipids, electrolytes, nutrients, environmental chemicals, and other small molecules in a single-shot assay for the first time in history. Their coupled laboratory and computational techniques enable Dalton Bioanalytics to simultaneously identify and quantify thousands of analyses quickly and accurately.


  • More data for a lowered price
  • Proteomic, lipidomic, metallomic, and metabolomic data in a single run

Development Stage:

  • Commercial

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