EP Dynamics is a medical technology company that develops cardiovascular devices for interventional cardiac procedures improving patient safety and procedure efficiency.


During cardiac catheter ablation procedures, with current products, there is a small yet serious risk that air can be inadvertently introduced into the catheter, thereby moving into the body and causing life-threatening complications such as stroke or death. EP Dynamics’ AirBloc LineBacker reduces the risk of air embolisms and provides further advantages through “Rotational Multi-Directional Steering” as well as custom sheath curves. AirBloc Linebacker is currently the only product that can dynamically remove the risk of air embolism in these procedures.


AirBlocTM Technology: Designed into AirBloc products is a proprietary valve system that gives the operator visibility to air emboli potentially presenting a risk to patient safety. The operator may easily remove the air creating confidence that the operator will be able to confidently complete the procedure. AirBloc LineBacker is “FDA Cleared” and we anticipate CE Mark in Q4 2017.


  • Capable of isolating air and its removal
  • Unique curved designs to improve the operator’s directing of the catheter
  • Single-handed operation

Development Stage:

  • Marketing


  • Endovascular Catheter Air Block; PCT/US06/43149


Email: info@ep-dynamics.com
Website: www.ep-dynamics.com

Graduated in 2022

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