Ferrologix uses magnetic nanotechnology to accelerate research and manufacturing of cellular therapies.


Emerging cellular therapies have shown incredible potential as “living drugs” that achieve personalized treatments in a variety of healthcare fields and represent a growing market of $1.8 billion with a 10% CAGR. Interviews with over 235 clinicians, researchers, and industry experts identified cell purification, transfection/ transduction, and QC/Release as key focus areas for cellular therapies. Ferrologix is developing single use cartridge based platforms in each of these application areas.


Ferrologix’ core technology, known as “ratcheting cytometry,” employs an array of inexpensive magnetic micropillars patterned onto a plastic substrate to form a single use cartridge. When subjected to a rotating magnetic field cells which have been labeled with a magnetic antibody can be precisely manipulated in a massively parallelized format. Various chip designs can execute a variety of functions such as rapid cell purification, quantitative separation based on surface expression, and cell co-localization with transduction/transfection reagents.


  • Quick: 10X faster than current magnetic purification platforms
  • Quantitative: Separate specific cell subtypes
  • Closed: Aseptic operation to meet GMP standards
  • Continuous: Compatible with large volumes and cell quantities

Development Stage:

  • Prototype

Patents Pending:

  • PCT Application: WO2016100234A1

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Email: Coleman Murray, cmurray@ferrologix.com
Phone: 760-533-2826
Website: www.ferrologix.com

Graduated in 2018

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