Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc. is the first company aiming to tackle diseases of cell mechanobiology by directly screening contractile cell force in an automation-friendly & high-throughput format.


Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc. provides predictive disease models and screening technology for disease of cellular mechanobiology and mechanical force generation, which collectively represent hundreds of millions of dollars in annual preclinical R&D expenditures, and billions more in economic burden.


Forcyte combines advances in microtechnology and automation to unlock access to cellular force generation as a quantitative metric in high-throughput screening and analysis. We build and deploy assays with direct links to functional pathophysiology that can be utilized by anyone with minimal training to obtain high-quality and functional data on cellular contraction, at the single-cell or multi- cellular levels.


  • Automation-friendly (25/96/384-wellplate formats)
  • Highly-parallelized (evaluates 100,000s of cells)
  • Quantitative readout for cellular force generation
  • Single-cell resolution
  • No special expertise needed

Development Stage:

  • Protoype

Patents Issued:

  • "Device and method for force phenotyping of cells for high-throughput screening and analysis" (2018), PCT US20170176415A1

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Email: Ivan Pushkarsky,
Phone: 859-420-4398

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