Inston provides semiconductor solutions for efficient, cost-effective, and high-performance data processing in memory-intensive electronic applications


Great digital applications are born from a marriage of software and hardware. While software has improved at a rapid pace over the past two decades, hardware has not matched the quick growth of applications that require data-intensive computing, such as machine intelligence and high-speed networking. The limited availability of fast on-chip memory is an impediment to growth in these areas. More than 50% of the area (and cost) of the typical SoC is embedded SRAM, conservatively a market of over $40B. We reduce the cost of this SRAM, while matching its performance and reducing its power dissipation.


Inston provides a new memory solution (MeRAM), which replaces existing on-chip memory hardware by introducing a novel material and device architecture that is compatible with existing manufacturing capabilities. Compared to existing memory hardware (embedded SRAM), MeRAM:
  • Reduces cost by 5x by increasing on-chip storage capacity.
  • Dramatically increases the performance of computing.
  • Reduces power consumption by nonvolatility and increased integration.


  • Speed of SRAM
  • Density of DRAM
  • Compatible with CMOS logic process
  • Unlimited endurance

Development Stage:

  • Advanced prototype

Select Patents:

  • US Patent 8,841,739 “Systems and methods for implementing magnetoelectric junctions”
  • US Patent 8,988,923 “Nonvolatile magneto-electric random access memory circuit with burst writing and back-to-back reads”
  • US Patent 8,917,562 “Body voltage sensing based short pulse reading circuit”
  • US Patent 9,036,407 “Voltage-controlled magnetic memory element with canted magnetization”
  • US Patent 9,047,950 “Read-disturbance-free nonvolatile content addressable memory (CAM)”

Select Publications:



Graduated in 2018

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