MicrobeDx plans to revolutionize antibiotic therapy by developing a rapid and accurate point-of-care instrument for urinary tract infections (UTI).


In 2015, approximately 200 million patients worldwide suffered from UTIs, representing an available market for UTI testing of $1.35 billion. That market is expected to increase to $1.88 billion by 2021. Our revolutionary approach will enable personalized antibiotic therapy to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and preserve antibiotic efficacy for future generations. Other potential markets include positive blood cultures, peritoneal dialysis and veterinary applications.


Using their patented rRNA-based detection and universal lysis process, MicrobeDx can provide a fast, sensitive and accurate assay for bacterial detection in urine. Combining lab-on-a-chip technology with a centrifugal BioDisc design creates a simple sample-in-result-out system. As ribosomal RNA is abundant in all bacteria, both their identification (IDQ) and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) assays do not need an amplification step, yielding a total assay time of 30 minutes and 2 hours respectively.


  • Direct rapid testing of specimens
  • Phenotypic antibiotic testing
  • Bacterial identification and quantification
  • Eliminated need for central lab testing
  • No storage or transport of specimens

Development Stage:

  • Prototype


  • PCT Application: US20160160268: “Amdi-nocillin for Rapid Determination of Susceptibility” 07/23/13
  • PCT Application: US20150104789: “AST Using Probes for Pre-ribosomal RNA” 05/04/12
  • PCT Application: US62/547,361: “RiboResponse: rRNA for Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing”
  • PCT Application: US62/430,785: “RNase for Improved Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing”
  • PCT Application: US62/541,418: “RiboLyse: Methods for lysis of cells to release ribosomal RNA”

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Email: info@microbedx.com
Website: www.microbedx.com

Graduated in 2020

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