Myst Therapeutics, Inc. is developing novel cancer immunotherapy products designed to harness the power of a patient’s own immune system to destroy solid tumor cancer cells.


Over 400,000 Americans die from cancer every year, with roughly 10% being blood cancers and 90% being solid tumors. While cellular immunotherapies have shown effectiveness for blood cancers, they have yet to do so in solid tumors. Myst Therapeutics is developing the next generation of cellular immunotherapies that will treat solid tumors, a massive unmet need as nearly all epithelial cancer patients have an expected survival of less than 12 months.


Researchers have shown that the body’s own immune cells can recognize many different mutations in solid tumors. The problem is that those cells are often too weak to overcome the tumor. For each patient, Myst Therapeutics selects the unique repertoire of immune cells that will recognize and target the specific mutations of their tumors. Myst then grows and rejuvenates those cells outside the body and reintroduces them in sufficient number and strength to destroy the tumor.


  • More targetable tumors than competing therapies
  • Patented methods to rejuvenate cells
  • Higher purity and efficacy
  • Potential for rapid iterative improvements

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical

Patents Issued:

  • Coming soon

Select Publications:

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Myst Therapeutics was acquired by Turnstone Biologics in 2021. Read more here.