Nanoarmor delivers 3D-printed, ultra-high-temperature ceramics for hypersonic aerospace vehicles.


Materials used in space travel have not changed since the times of the Apollo Missions and new extreme materials are needed for extreme flight conditions. Nanoarmor addresses this market that will grow from $250 million today to $3 billion by 2026.


Through a close research partnership with the Naval Research Laboratory, Nanoarmor has exclusively licensed an advanced IP portfolio built up over the last 10 years. We are developing the additive manufacturing capabilities to deliver the ultra-high-temperature materials needed for ultra-high-speed travel on Earth and in the universe beyond.


  • Lower processing costs
  • Faster production
  • Higher melting temperatures
  • 3D-printed custom parts
  • Custom materials for customer requirements

Development Stage:

  • Prototype

Patents Issued

  • Refractory Metal Ceramics and Methods of Making Thereof; US 9,611,179
  • Refractory Metal Boride Ceramics and Methods of Making Thereof; US. 8,865,301, US. 9,469,572
  • Refractory Metal Borides Ceramics and Methods of Making Thereof; US. 9,637,416
  • Formation of Boron Carbide-Boron Nitride Carbon Compositions; US. 8,815,381

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Graduated in 2023

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