NanoElectronic Imaging, Inc's (NEI) imaging techniques reveal otherwise invisible electronic and thermal structure in micro- and nano-electronic devices.


The semiconductor industry uses the transmission electron microscope (TEM) for quality control in billions of components across millions of products. However, TEM can only see physical structures – it is blind to the electronic and thermal structures that govern device operation. This $300+ billion industry is working in the dark, and NEI’s technology turns the lights on.


NEI’s Scanning TEM Electron Beam-Induced Current (STEM EBIC) imaging system has produced several best-in-the-world results in quantitatively mapping temperature, conductivity, potential, electric field, and work function. Few alternatives can map any of these properties at high resolution, and none can map them all. Standard TEM imaging only identifies where the atoms are in an electronic device – NEI’s technology shows what they are doing.


  • No competitive systems commercially available
  • Full suite of imaging modes
  • Detects otherwise invisible signals
  • Images conductivity at atomic-resolution
  • Images temperature at atomic-resolution

Development Stage:

  • Prototype

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Graducated in 2023

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