Nuvola Technology (formerly Millibatt) makes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in millimeter-scale that last 10x longer than existing technologies.


The poor performance of existing small battery technology has been road block for small electronics. Nuvola Technology maintains 400Wh/L energy density in millimeter-scale with little packaging overhead. The annual market for small batteries is almost $1B and growing quickly thanks to emerging applications in health, IoT and wearable electronics.


Traditional battery manufacturing relies on rolling together 2D sheets of anode, electrolyte and cathode forming a sandwich structure. These mechanical techniques do not scale well and packaging overhead gets worse as battery size decreases. Nuvola batteries utilize microstructured electrodes that do away with the traditional sandwich structure. We build small batteries with a minimum of packaging overhead.


  • Small
  • 2-10x higher energy density
  • Surface mountable
  • Customizable shapes

Development Stage:

  • Prototype and pilot manufacturing



Graduated in 2019

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