Octant is using NGS to develop a multiplexed platform that can cheaply detect on- and off- target effects of thousands of drugs against hundreds of receptors at a time.


The rate of new drug approvals per dollar invested is decreasing. Octant’s technology massively scales the discovery of new therapies and enable off-target detection at much earlier and less-expensive phases of drug development.


By harnessing the power of exponential improvements in reading, writing and editing of DNA, our platform uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to measure the activity of a library of receptors from a single well to drive down the cost of detection. This will allow us to multiplex a read out from hundreds of receptors together cheaply in 96-well format and enable screening massive potential drug libraries against comprehensive sets of drug targets at unprecedented scale.


  • NGS-based readout
  • High throughput multiplexed assay
  • De-risk compounds against off targets
  • Ability to generate extensive datasets of chemical - receptor interaction
  • Highly adaptable receptor library

Development Stage:

  • Prototype


Email: ahoy@octant.bio
Website: www.octant.bio

Graduated in 2019

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