Partillion Bioscience aims to broaden access to the advanced single-cell tools needed for biomedical innovation with its award-winning nanovial platform.


Emerging technologies for treatment and diagnosis rely on the use of cells to produce antibodies and other recombinant proteins. The market for monoclonal antibody discovery alone was estimated at $6.5B in 2016 and is expected to reach $10.7B by 2025. Partillion aims to penetrate the discovery market with its nanovial platform. This lab-on-a-particle system selects desired cells based on complex functions and reveals the genetic information that encodes them. The goal is to enable more labs to develop higher-performing therapies and diagnostic tests, and do it faster and cheaper.


Partillion Bioscience’s key technology is the nanovial, a specialized hydrogel microparticle platform that enables high-throughput sorting of single cells based on their secreted products — all using standard equipment. Because instruments that sort cells are already common in the bioresearch space, the nanovial can expand the types of single-cell analyses available in just about any lab.


  • Sorts over 100,000 cells simultaneously
  • No specialized equipment needed
  • Single-cell resolution
  • Live cell sorting
  • Profiles cells by their function

Development Stage:

  • Advanced protoype

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Phone: (707) 529-3034

Graduated in 2024

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