Restore Technologies is developing a portfolio of novel central nervous system (CNS) stimulation-based solutions to treat a range of serious health conditions.


Replacing mechanical ventilation represents an addressable U.S. market of ~$12B+ in 2018. Over 70-80% of patients with acute respiratory failure are due to a neurogenic cause and are potentially addressable with Restore’s respiratory pacemaker. Furthermore, total indirect costs from mechanical ventilation exceeds $800B annually in the U.S. suggesting a significant positive health economic impact from using Restore’s respiratory pacemaker.


Restore’s technology works by stimulating the CNS in a proprietary way to restore neurogenic, dysregulated autonomic functions such as respiration, bladder function, among others. Our first therapeutic device is a respiratory pacemaker which can help patients regain neurological control of their respiration. Restore’s respiratory pacemaker is a disruptive technology with potential to eventually supplant the use of mechanical ventilation, which is an antiquated, highly morbid and high cost solution. Restore’s novel approach has been validated in human patients and can be administered non-invasively or via a minimally invasive implant. Beyond respiration, the company is developing solutions to restore other autonomic functions.


  • Non-invasive
  • Automated
  • Responds to respiratory drive changes
  • Adapts to physiological activity

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical

Patents Issued:

  • Restore holds several exclusive option agreements with UCLA
Graduated in 2023

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