SELFA is a medical device company based on a semiconductor biosensor with extraordinary sensitivity, scalable multiplexing, simultaneous protein and nucleic acid quantitation.


SELFA’s technology has broad applicability across diagnostic, point of care (POC), and research tools. Diagnostic markets are large, but capital-intensive. Leveraging SELFA technology into the research tool market (~$1B US) is more tractable. This market requires no regulatory clearance, is “clustered” i.e. the opportunities are in relatively few large cities with industrial research and academic organizations, and an easier buy decision. The initial product in development is a low cost, table-top system that uses single-use cartridges with customizable multiplexed biosensors.


The SELFA Platform: Why it’s better: Direct electronic detection reduces complexity, time and cost while delivering superior performance.
NO: flourescent labels, laser optics, PCR or enzymatic reactions.
YES: multiplexed, simultaneous protein and nucleic acid quantitation, ~10 fgm/ml sensitivity, rapid, simplified sample prep. The platform easily migrates from research tool to diagnostic assay.


  • Reduced complexity, time and cost
  • Superior performance
  • Only technology that dispenses with fluorescence labeling

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical

Patents Issued:

  • Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor Biosensor with Improved Sensitivity; 13/991413
  • Biomolecular Detection Test Strip Design
Graduated in 2019

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