Sorriso's biologic therapies treat inflammatory conditions directly at the site of the disease, improving effectiveness, safety and convenience.


Sorriso’s products are designed to block multiple molecular targets that drive inflammation, as validated by rigorous research. The company’s biologic therapies are delivered orally for inflammatory bowel disease and locally in a range of other inflammatory diseases. These conditions represent a combined global market in excess of $50B.


The Sorriso technology is based on single-domain antibodies — functional antibody fragments that Sorriso have improved to make more durable than whole antibodies — that can be linked in order to address multiple therapeutic targets. Treatments are formulated for oral delivery and other routes of local delivery, so they act directly where inflammation is damaging the body.


  • Potent, durable antibody fragments
  • Local delivery to inflamed tissues
  • Improved safety profile
  • Inexpensive treatment
  • Stable for long-term storage

    Development Stage:

    Sorriso has multiple products:

    • SOR101: Is a clinical stage asset, it has been studied in both Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.
    • SOR102: Is a pre-clinical stage asset and is undergoing studies to enable a Phase 1 trial
    • SOR104: Is an early stage pre-clinical asset and is undergoing formulation development

    Patents Pending:

    • PCT/EP2016/057021  anti-TNFα Vorabody SOR101
    • PCT/EP2017/051237  anti-IL6R Vorabody V787
    • PCT/GB2020/051495 anti-IL23 Vorabody SOR103 and anti-TNF/anti-IL-23 bispecific SOR102
    • PCT/GB2020/051496 anti-IL7R Vorabody (SOR104)

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