Symphony Biosciences is orchestrating the immune response against cancer using innovative biomaterials.


Targeting solid tumors, Symphony's product presents a $1B+ market opportunity. Their first disease indication presents a sizeable opportunity: triple-negative breast cancer, with 40K cases per year and a $500M market projected by 2027. Over the next five years, Symphony Biosciences plan to expand into other solid tumors, such as pancreatic, esophageal, head and neck, liver and lung cancers, as well as melanoma.


Symphony's product, SymphNode, is a biodegradable drug/device combination administered at the time of surgery. This system amplifies the local immune response in order to attack malignant cells and overcomes barriers created by the tumor microenvironment.


  • Recruits and trains T cells
  • Local and targeted therapy
  • Eliminates systemic side effects
  • Fits with standard of care
  • Platform applies to many tumors

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical


  • Coming soon

Select Publications:

  • Coming soon



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