U-Defi, Inc. is a skincare company developing safe and effective anti-aging creams based on individual customers’ skin profiles.


The problem with trying to find the right skin care product is that consumers can’t tell which anti­-aging creams are best for their specific skin type. The result is a trial­ and­ error selection process that is both expensive and inconvenient. The US skincare market is expected to cross $11 billion in 2018, however with only one dermatologist per 27 thousand people, the access to specialized skincare is low. U­-Defi is targeting the 16 million women who spend $1 billion each year to find and purchase their anti aging skin­care products.


U-­Defi offers anti-­aging creams tailored for every unique customer. Upon signing up, customers receive a testing kit that will be analyzed for biomarker levels associated with aging. U­-Defi uses a proprietary algorithm to match the customer to formulations based on the results of the biomarkers analysis. The customer will receive a second kit six months later, which allows the customer to track their progress and provides U­-Defi with updated data so they can fine-tune the customized product.


  • Tailored to each unique individual
  • Use of skin biomarkers to customize formula
  • Proprietary technology to match skin needs
  • All female founders
  • Testing kits delivered to the customer’s home

Development Stage:

  • Prototype

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Graduated in 2019

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