Vault Pharma is developing immune medicines, based on the UCLA discovered vault particle, to revolutionize treatment outcomes in solid tumors and women’s health.


There is an explosion of immune approaches that utilizes the immune system in order to seek and destroy cancer cells and other pathogens. These approaches differ from traditional vaccines in that they aim to be therapeutic rather than preventative. The immune oncology market is estimated to exceed $35 billion per year by the year 2024.


Vault particle technology has unique immune properties that allow for targeted delivery of immune modulating agents. This allows Vault Pharma to specifically tune the patient’s own anti-tumor response. Vault vaccines enable a robust and reliable T-cell response even during ongoing disease. In women’s health, Vault Pharma is developing therapeutic and preventative vaccines to alleviate pelvic pain and infertility associated with Chlamydia.


  • Immune Oncology: VPI-101
  • Specific targeted drug delivery
  • Enhances immune response to patient’s own tumor antigens
  • “Cold to hot” tumor conversion with treatment
  • Women’s Health
  • Provide immune protection in previously untreatable diseases

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical

Patents Issued:

  • 16 granted patents and 10 applications providing world-wide coverage of the vault particle platform exclusively licensed from UCLA.

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