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Smart health tracking starts with ViBo Health — creating a world where everyone can track their health status using a quick and painless scan.


Standard in vitro lab tests help elucidate a patient’s health and diagnose several possible medical conditions. Cost, patient and lab time, and patient discomfort, mean these tests are done infrequently and limited to suspected morbidities. There is a need for a device that can measure metabolites in the body, non-invasively, cost effectively, and able to measure many metabolites per week. Healthcare analytics ($40b) and Predictive Analytics ($7.8B-$19.5B) makes our TAM at >$10B worldwide.


ViBo Health’s goal is to transform healthcare to be truly personalized, precise, and predictive. This is done through non-invasive molecular spectroscopy (using advanced NMR) that customers can use daily, weekly, or whenever convenient. The ViBo Health Scanner will be a table-top device for high traffic locations like gyms or pharmacies. A health dashboard app will help clients visualize and understand the results after each scan.


  • Fast scans = user comfort
  • Real-time results = actionable
  • Health tracking over time = predictive
  • No consumables = cost effective

Development Stage:

  • Prototype


Phone: (310) 435-7172
Social Media: LinkedIn | Crunchbase

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