Zenomics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company developing innovative drug delivery systems, particularly glucose-responsive smart insulin patches for intelligently controlling release of insulin and regulating blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.


Traditional care for people with diabetes often requires monitoring of blood glucose and insulin injections to maintain normoglycemia. However, such self-administration is associated with pain and often inadequate glucose control. Poor glucose control accounts for high risk of extremely dangerous complications for the more than 417 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide. The global human insulin market is poised to reach $39 billion by 2020. Zenomics aims to translate its smart insulin patch for clinical applications to disrupt this market and replace the current, inadequate standard of care.


Zenomics' smart insulin patch, integrated with a painless microneedle-array patch and glucose-responsive insulin release formulation, provides an artificial pancreas-like delivery system that is able to "secrete" insulin in response to elevated blood glucose. This smart patch can sense increased blood sugar level and subsequently release insulin in a glucose-responsive and fast manner. Reducing the risk of hypoglycemia, this technique will be a game changer over current therapy options for people with diabetes and will dramatically enhance their health and improve their quality of life.


  • Responds fast
  • Easy to use, minimal patient effort
  • Reduces risk of hypoglycemia
  • Painless- no need to draw blood

Development Stage:

  • Clinical
Graduated in 2021

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