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The Incubator at CNSI was built and equipped with one goal in mind: to help startups succeed by vastly accelerating their access to facilities and increasing their capital efficiency. The Incubator features flexible laboratory and co-working space for  companies developing transformative technologies to address unmet societal needs in Health and Medicine, Energy, Information Technology and the Environment. Admission to the Incubator is through a competitive review process to focus our resources on the most promising companies.
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CNSI strives to enhance the vibrant culture of entrepreneurship at UCLA and the broader Los Angeles region. Centrally located at UCLA’s Court of Sciences, the Incubator’s modular space provides resident start-ups various conference/interaction rooms, flexible wet lab space, and direct access to six state-of-the-art Technology Centers that include a wide array of instrumentation including optical, electron and scanning probe microscopy, semiconductor epitaxy, cleanroom fabrication and foundry as well as high-throughput screening.

Meet our team:

Brian Benson
Director of Entrepreneurship & Commercialization
Frank Alcala
Building & Incubator Specialist
Angie Jun
Research & Innovation Associate