Magnify Company Orientation Guide

Getting Started

Welcome to Magnify, a deep technology incubator at the California NanoSystems Institute. We look forward to working with you to support your entrepreneurial pursuits and hope you’ll enjoy your residency here. Please review this document to help familiarize yourself with various policies and procedures for Magnify, the CNSI building, and the University. When in doubt, contact a member of the Magnify Management Team for guidance and/or clarification.

To help you get started, please review and complete the following items:

  • Obtain insurance policy with minimum limits as defined in the Facilities Use Agreement (FUA). A copy must be provided to the Magnify Management Team prior to the FUA Commencement Date.
  • Provide contact information, using the template provided, for all personnel affiliated with the Tenant who will be working on the Premises. The Tenant is responsible for updating Magnify of any personnel changes as they occur.
  • Complete the Tenant profile form, using the template provided, for the CNSI/Magnify website. Tenants are encouraged to continue to provide updated information in order to keep material up-to-date and relevant.
  • Meet with CNSI Business Office to set up Full Accounting Unit (FAU) and go over supply ordering (ROF) procedures.
  • Tenant must submit a security access card form for each of its employees that will be working on the Premises.
  • Visit the Loading Dock (Level L) to register a Tenant representative in CNSI’s package tracking system.
  • Obtain parking for staff, as needed.
  • If working in a laboratory, contact UCLA EH&S lab safety officer to set up your lab.
  • If working in a laboratory, all Tenant employees must complete required and applicable trainings.
  • For UCLA Environment, Health and Safety training and lab set-up, please refer to page 18.

Please use the toggles below to navigate this guide.