Magnify Company Orientation Guide

CNSI Business Office

Full Accounting Unit (FAU)

A Tenant representative will need to meet with CNSI Business Office staff to set up a FAU number. To ensure the Sales and Services Office charges Magnify companies the correct external rates for core services within UCLA, our Business Office staff have developed a 6-digit CNSI FAU code system that corresponds to the Magnify company’s FAU number. This code is an internal CNSI account number that allows the Tenant to utilize and pay for supplies ordered through the CNSI Purchasing Team and for any campus services such as the CNSI Technology Centers, parking, telephone, etc. Any expenditures on a Tenant’s FAU will be invoiced immediately following the close of each billing cycle. When providing to individuals other than the CNSI Purchasing Team (, you should provide Suzanne Tsang’s name and email ( If you would like to use any of the CNSI Tech Centers, then you should contact Jeremy Marinoff ( beforehand so he can help set billing up.

6-digit FAU codes can be utilized for purchases made through the CNSI Business Office, at CNSI Technology Centers and campus core facilities. If using UCLA cylinder management, please contact Suzanne Tsang ( to set up a Recharge ID.

Invoicing: Rent and Supply/Service Purchases

Each month, the CNSI Business Office will send out two separate invoices, one for rent and one for other expenses incurred during the month (i.e. Purchases, Technology Center user fees, phone, etc.). Each invoice must be paid with separate checks. Checks may be mailed or hand delivered to the CNSI Business Office. We do not accept cash, credit cards, wire transfers or any other method of payment.

Make check payable to: The Regents of the University of California
Description: Lease payment or Miscellaneous supplies and services
Send to: California NanoSystems Institute
570 Westwood Plaza, Building 114
Suite 6341
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7277
Attn: CNSI Business Office

Late Charges: Payments are due within 10 business days of invoice receipt. A late charge of 10% interest, compounded monthly, will be assessed on any overdue amount.

Questions regarding rent and invoices may be directed to Suzanne Tsang (

Procurement Services

Request Order Forms (ROFs) may be downloaded and submitted to See Appendix C for example.

Over the years the University has successfully leveraged its purchasing power to obtain significant discounts on high quality products and services from popular suppliers. Below is a list of suppliers who have special pricing agreements with the University. This list is subject to change at any time.

Agilent Technologies


Cell Signaling
Fastenal (Merced only)

Fisher Scientific
GE Healthcare
Gorilla Marketing

Guy Brown
HD Supply
Krueger International (KI)
KST Data


McKesson Medical Surgical
Millipore Corp
Miltenyi Biotec
Neta Scientific
New England BioLabs, Inc.

Newark Electronics
Omega Scientific


Santa Cruz Biotechnology
Sigma Aldrich

Spectrum Chemicals
The Castle Press
Thermo Fisher Scientific


CNSI is pleased to offer our Tenants access to the special UCLA pricing provided by the above-named vendors.

To make a purchase you will need to submit a Request Order Form (ROF) to the CNSI Business Office. At the end of each month you will receive an invoice from the CNSI Business Office where you may make a single payment for all of your purchases. Payment is due within 10 business days upon receipt. Below are a few policies and guidelines for placing orders.

  1. Orders can only be placed through CNSI with the suppliers listed above. You are welcome to place orders on your own with all suppliers, including any that are not listed.
  2. For pricing information, please contact the supplier directly. Contact information for each vendor can be found in the Supplier Index.
  3. Orders must be itemized on a ROF and sent to
  4. Include each item’s catalog number and price. Incomplete ROFs may be returned and cause delays.
  5. Please plan ahead. Orders will be placed within a window of two business days. Due to the volume of orders that our staff handles, we cannot guarantee that urgent requests will be accommodated.
  6. Once your order is placed, our staff will e-mail you a confirmation notice that contains the UCLA Purchase Order number (PO#) that was used to place your order.
  7. CNSI does not offer post-order services. Questions concerning delivery date and returns must be directed to the supplier by one of your staff members.
  8. All applicable sales taxes and shipping expenses will be applied to the final price.
  9. There is a per order purchasing limit of $4,999 (including sales tax and shipping) that cannot be exceeded.
  10. We ask that you consolidate orders by placing large orders on a weekly basis instead of several small orders on a daily basis. This will help expedite the ordering process for everyone.
  11. CNSI reserves the right to hold orders if any rent or reimbursement invoices are past due.

Purchasing Workflow

  1. ROF is submitted to the Business Office.
  2. Business Office will place the order within 48 hours.
  3. Vendor will provide Business Office with order confirmation.
  4. Business Office will forward order confirmation to the Requestor.
  5. The Requestor is responsible for tracking orders directly with the Vendor.
  6. Loading Dock personnel will email the Requestor once the order has been processed and is available for pickup.


Each Tenant is allotted one (1) parking space on campus at the University’s standard parking rate. Parking permits can be paid by the individual or through the Tenant’s FAU. Any additional parking spaces are subject to availability. Parking lots are assigned by UCLA Transportation and are non-transferable. Please note: Bruin ePermits are the vehicle’s license plate. No hangtags or gate keys will be issued.

Guests visiting CNSI may either use a self-service pay station or stop by an Information & Parking Booth to obtain a daily permit. Please see the Transportation website for additional information:

Companies also have the option of requesting a courtesy parking pass for their guests. Parking will be charged to the Tenant at the standard daily rate and will be invoiced at the next billing cycle. Requests must be made a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the date the pass is required.

Parking requests

  1. Create a Guest ID number through the Bruin Permit Portal by following instructions to set-up “Guest Log-On and Password”.
  2. After setting up the log-on, email the Guest I.D. number to and Employees must cc their PI for confirmation.
  3. After you are allocated a parking spot, you will be notified via email.
  4. Return to the portal and sign up for parking*. You will need the license plate, make, model and color of the car. You can register up to three (3) cars on the portal.
  5. Specify your term. Payment must be made directly via credit card to parking services.

Month-to-month (short-term): $147.00/mo

Quarterly (long-term): $441.00/qtr

Daily permits are available for $13 at parking kiosks

*You will NOT be able to purchase parking until you have been allocated a spot. This takes approximately 2 business days. At this time, UCLA Transportation is not issuing spots in Lots 2, 8 or 9. Spots will be allocated in Lots 4 and 7.