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Magnify Internship Program

Participating Companies

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Avesta76 Therapeutics

Avesta76 Therapeutics is an early-stage oncology therapeutics company. They are targeting a unique and thoroughly validated protein target with the potential to treat a range of cancers in safer and more effective ways than current medications.

Internship Overview:
We would like to engage a Magnify intern as an assisting technician to our laboratory team. We are hoping to gain assistance in running some of our experiments, and we hope to impart valuable experience on our intern.

Specific duties include:

  • Perform literature search
  • Organize and prepare research material
  • Assist in cell culture experiments
  • Prepare simple chemical solutions and cell culture media
  • Assist in protein quantification
  • Assist in Western Blot experiments
  • Assist in flow cytometry experiments
  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis

Location of Duties: In-lab
Hours per Week: 12

Bluefin Foods


Bluefin Foods uses novel technologies to achieve a new and efficient way of producing cell-cultured meat, with four verticals of R&D: cell-line, growth media, custom bioreactors, and scaffolding. While existing cell-cultured meat companies rely on adapting inefficient, poor fit biopharma processes and technology, Bluefin’s development is specifically designed to properly scale the alternative meat industry. Their objective is to develop a high-quality and cost-efficient process for producing cell-cultured seafood as a viable alternative to the traditional supply chain.

Internship Overview:
The intern would assist us with our branding, marketing, and public relations as a new startup. The intern would help get our public image off to a great start. This is an excellent learning opportunity for the intern where they can have such large impact on a real company getting its footing in the public space! We would expect them to bring a trained eye to our current content, as well as to create new content in order to bring Bluefin Foods to the forefront and propel our public image and face forward.

Specific duties include:

  • Create and execute early marketing and PR program
  • Review and create content for Bluefin’s website and social media accounts
  • Streamline Bluefin Foods branding guidelines
  • Understanding of content analysis and creation

Location of Duties: Remote
Hours per Week: 10

Dalton Bioanalytics

Dalton Bioanalytics analyzes nearly all major classes of bio-relevant molecules at a fraction of traditional multiomic costs using their Omni-MS platform. Utilizing tried-and-true liquid chromatography coupled mass spectrometry (LC-MS), Dalton Bioanalytics analyzes protein, lipids, electrolytes, nutrients, environmental chemicals, and other small molecules in a single-shot assay for the first time in history. Their coupled laboratory and computational techniques enable Dalton Bioanalytics to simultaneously identify and quantify thousands of analyses quickly and accurately.

Internship Overview:
Primary responsibilities include the preparation and analysis of samples in a high-throughput mass spectrometry laboratory. Employees must be able to accurately follow detailed standard operating procedures without deviations as well as complete any task assigned by the supervisor. The successful candidate will be team-oriented, highly motivated, and will have excellent communication skills.

Specific duties include:

  • Perform bioanalysis including all processes associated sample preparation and with liquid chromatography mass spectrometry operation according to established standard operating procedures with minimal deviations.
  • Abide by all quality protocols required to ensure accurate testing of specimens.
  • Operate analytic test instrumentation to ensure accurate generation of reliable test results.
  • Maintain reagents required for production testing.
  • Maintain clean and safe work areas.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor and/or laboratory manager.

Location of Duties: In-lab
Hours per Week: 15

Lactation Lab

Lactation Lab analyzes breast milk for basic nutritional content like calories, protein, fat, vitamins, DHA and environmental toxins. Almost 50% of women stop breastfeeding due to perceived low production or nutrition. Until Lactation Lab, there were no tools show otherwise. Lactation Lab is the only US-based provider of direct to consumer breast milk testing, providing breast milk analysis services as part of corporate wellness programs. They are developing epigenetic tests to help predict milk supply and post-partum depression and drug tests for breast milk.

Internship Overview:
We are interested in working with interns as we can provide diverse exposures to industry, bench science and clinical insights. Our ideal candidate would be someone interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Specific duties include:

  • Average of 5 hours a week testing milk samples
  • Assay and test strip development
  • Writing and presenting data, opportunity to submit a paper for publication
  • Marketing and social media content creation

Location of Duties: In-lab, remote
Hours per Week: 15

Paradign Energy

Paradign Energy is developing high performance and low-cost proton exchange membranes (PEM) for fuel cell applications. In recent decades, Fuel Cells (FCs) have attracted a significant amount of attention as a clean alternative electrochemical conversion and storage system. The cost of materials, especially proton exchange membranes (PEM), prohibits a wide proliferation of the device beyond development phase. Paradign Energy’s technology comprises proprietary raw materials and fabrication methods, producing PEM that outperforms proton conductivity of the industrial standard Nafion by 5 times at much lower cost.

Internship Overview:
Paradign Energy develops cutting-edge and paradigm shifting lithium metal battery technology and fuel cell technology. We are at a seed stage and seeking talented students to help us conduct proof of concept experiments in a lab. The Lab assistant has a critical role in supporting this early-stage product development, mainly proton exchange membranes, solid state electrolytes and battery preparation/testing.

Specific duties include:

  • Ensure safe practices are followed in all prototype assembly and testing.
  • Provide regular updates on on-going product development activities.
  • Conduct synthetic chemistry (wet chemistry) to prepare starting monomers and conduct polymerization to prepare materials for proton exchange membranes and/or solid state electrolyte.
  • Analyze prepared materials using analytical tools including NMRs, mass spectroscopy, SEM, FT-IR and TGA.
  • Measure AC impedance, DC resistance, proton conductivities and swelling.
  • Follow robust product design controls and methodology to ensure technical and safety integrity
  • Maintain relevant documentation required by programs, internal operating systems, and applicable regulatory bodies

Location of Duties: In-lab
Hours per Week: 15

Partillion Bioscience

Partillion Bioscience is an early-stage life science reagents company commercializing award winning intellectual property from UCLA that enables the democratization of advanced single-cell and single-molecule assays. Partillion’s nanovial is a specialized hydrogel microparticle platform that enables high-throughput sorting of single cells based on their secreted products. This lab-on-a-particle system selects desired cells based on complex functions and reveals the genetic information that encodes them, all using standard equipment.

Internship Overview:
We are seeking an interdisciplinary individual who has a strong attention to detail and enjoys hands-on experimentation to join our growing team. This individual will work closely with senior scientists and engineers to assist in the development of cell secretion assays with our nanovial platform.

Based on the potential intern’s interests and skills there will be opportunities and learn and help support our manufacturing and qc process for our novel microparticle reagent product. The intern will have the opportunity to assist in cell culture and testing our new biological assays. They may be asked to help support packaging of our product and support market research activities.

Specific duties include:

  • Hydrogels/biomaterials work
  • Microfluidics work
  • Flow cytometry
  • Cell culture
  • Single-cell assays
  • Sequencing
  • Data analysis

Location of Duties: Remote, in-lab
Hours per Week: 15

Pelage Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pelage Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is designing small molecules that target hair follicle stem cells to drive hair cycle and treat Alopecia (hair loss). Currently, 400 million people suffer from Alopecia worldwide. Neither of the 2 FDA-approved treatments for Alopecia are fully effective. Pelage’s technology is the first to target both cellular metabolism and hair follicle stem cells as a treatment for Alopecia. Pelage intends to deliver a world-class hair loss drug to treat Alopecia and significantly improve hair health for millions.

Internship Overview:
Pelage Pharmaceuticals is a growing early-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering innovative drugs to promote hair growth. We are seeking an enthusiastic entrepreneurial individual to join our innovative team as we prepare for our first clinical trial. In addition to assisting lab operations, the intern will have the opportunity to support biological research activities and learn about the preparations for a clinical trial, including development of clinical biomarkers. The ideal intern will be detail-oriented, organized, maintain accurate laboratory records and follow safety protocols and SOPs.

Specific duties include:


  • Assist in conduct of rodent research studies
  • Assist in performing tissue culture studies
  • Assist in performing histological analyses of tissue samples
  • Prepare solutions and reagents for experiments
  • Hazardous waste management and hazard labeling
  • Assist in placing orders for R&D staff, stock supplies as needed, including obtaining quotes, placing and tracking orders, and coordinating receiving
  • Perform various housekeeping and/or maintenance tasks to keep laboratory and equipment in clean and operable condition


Location of Duties: In-lab
Hours per Week: 15

Pluto Immunotherapeutics, Inc.

Pluto Immunotherapeutics, Inc.’s goal is to produce a tumor-targeted T cell therapy entirely in vitro from pluripotent stem cells (PSC) using a platform technology developed by the company’s founders co-developed at UCLA, the artificial thymic organoid (ATO). This approach will allow immediate access to therapy with a range of functional characteristics to enhance efficacy and safety against solid tumors. Unlimited generation of “off-the-shelf” T cell therapies will allow these treatments to be more effective and accessible across a wider range of cancers.

Internship Overview:
Pluto is interested in hosting a Magnify Intern as it will bring to the company the opportunity to train a motivated student with the potential of discovering a new talent. We offer industry experience to a student at an early stage which will help them in making critical career choice decisions.

Specific duties include:

  • Perform cell culture in aseptic conditions
  • Help employees with different tasks during large experiments (material and reagent preparation)
  • Perform functional assays and screenings
  • Help maintain an accurate inventory of material and reagents
  • Help write SOPs and reports
  • Receive and unpack orders

Location of Duties: In-lab
Hours per Week: 15

Symphony Biosciences

Symphony Biosciences effectively trains the immune system to fight solid cancer tumors. Their biodegradable therapeutic is implanted during surgery, in concert with each patient’s treatment plan. The therapeutic amplifies a localized immune response to overcome barriers created by the tumor’s microenvironment. Symphony Biosciences’ therapy is not patient-specific, allowing their unique process to sidestep the large time and cost investment necessary to fabricate similar CAR T therapies.

Internship Overview:
At Symphony, our team is developing a platform technology that enables the development of the next generation immunotherapeutics for solid tumors. During the internship, Magnify Intern(s) will get insights into a healthcare-driven innovation project that is currently moving from in-vitro data to in-vivo proof-of-concept, and is aiming to change the life of patients with solid tumors. Magnify Intern(s) will be involved with innovation-driven project in a small, highly motivated, start-up team. We need interns in particular to assist with the scientific processes including design/fabrication optimization, as well as evaluation of our drug-device biomaterials that support immune cell function in their battles against tumors. We will also benefit from their assistance in literature/patent search and analysis. This will benefit Symphony to better understand the competitor landscape.

Specific duties include:

  • Design and fabrication support
  • Evaluation of early-stage technical concepts, drug-device combo formulations
  • Scientific literature analysis, experiment planning and IP analysis
  • Assessment of competitor technologies
  • Commercial benchmarking
  • Market research

Location of Duties: Remote, in-lab
Hours per Week: 10

ViBo Health

VIBO My Health logo

ViBo Health is smart health tracking. They are developing a table-top metabolite scanner to help everyone track their health with actionable guidance provided on a dashboard. Their mission is to transform how and why health is tracked, to increase awareness of health states, and to provide actionable recommendations so everyone can lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Internship overview:
Our technology can be applied to general health as well as a variety of point of care use cases. For this internship, we wish to investigate a set of these use-cases, in depth. The project will span basic market and business requirements, biological/physiological considerations, clinician interviews, technological potential (e.g. fit with the existing capabilities), and preliminary customer usability studies.

The ideal intern will have a broad interest in medical diagnostics and devices and may be involved in studies ranging from engineering to physical sciences to biological and business. The project focus will be adjusted to the student’s skills and interests. However, in all cases the investigation of potential use cases will be deep and board. Depending on the level of commitment, the project can go further and include additional technological or business investigations.

Specific duties include:

  • Research and investigation of the use cases (e.g. diabetes, obesity, etc.)
  • Investigation of the market needs and opportunities
  • Analysis of the match with our existing or near future technology
  • Interviewing clinicians and other experts
  • Synthesizing, analyzing and reporting on the above findings
  • (Optionally: in depth technology investigation which may include design work)
  • (Optionally: initial customer usability study)

Location of Duties: Remote
Hours per Week: 12