Lactation Lab analyzes breast milk for basic nutritional content like calories, protein, fat, vitamins, DHA and environmental toxins.


The AAP, WHO, and CDC all recommend breast milk as the sole source of nutrition for the first 6 months of life and ideally until age 1. Breastfed babies have been found to have a higher IQ are sick less often and have fewer allergies. For every 5% of women who breastfeed for one month longer than expected, it translates into an estimated health care savings of $4000. Almost 50% of women stop breastfeeding due to perceived low production/ nutrition and there are no tools that exist to test milk and show otherwise.


We are the only US-based provider of direct to consumer breast milk testing. We also provide breast milk analysis services as part of corporate wellness programs. We are developing epigenetic tests to help predict milk supply and post-partum depression and drug tests for breast milk.


  • Customer receives personalized report with lab results and healthy ranges
  • Includes dietary and supplement recommendations
  • Moms are empowered with actionable ways to improve the nutritional quality of their milk
  • Moms are reassured that breastfeeding is optimal for their child’s health

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical

Patents Issued:

  • Patent pending (May 2019): Method of testing breast milk
  • Patent pending (May 2019): Method for cell counting in breastmilk to distinguish between inflammation and mastitis.

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