Sardona Therapeutics is developing novel small molecule drugs to transform cancer patient outcomes by targeting RNA regulators.


Cancer recurrence is a devastating reality for patients, who initially respond to currently available therapies. Cancer cells become resistant to standard of care due to target alterations, receptor internalization and enhanced DNA repair. At Sardona Therapeutics, we are developing first-in class small molecule drugs that preempt therapy resistance by targeting oncogenic RNA regulators and, thereby, suppressing a multitude of oncogenic driver genes, preventing cancer recurrence.


Our platform technology offers the unique opportunity to target RNA-regulators. The lead program inhibits an important oncogenic RNA-binding protein, thereby suppresses multiple cancer driver genes and shows potent activity in MYC-driven cancers. In addition, we are using our proprietary platform technology to expand the pipeline to additional RNA-regulators.

Development Stage:

  • Pre-clinical



Graduated in 2020

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